Mitosol® ensures the same concentration for every patient

Mitosol Stability

Deliver Consistency





Reduce Variables

Compounded MMC makes it difficult to achieve a consistent dose.

MMC degrades rapidly and its potency depends on a variety of variables.

  • Where it is stored
  • Shipping conditions
  • Elapsed time since compounding
  • Variability in compounding each dose to the next

Take Control

Mitosol® ensures identical potency for every patient.

Mitosol® is shelf-ready and ALWAYS at time zero. It is reconstituted on the sterile field at the time of use, reassigning control of drug potency to those actually administering it.

Download Mitosol® Consistency Document

Consistency is one of the five key benefits of Mitosol.  Mitomycin-c begins degrading within one hour of reconstitution and as such, unless compounded mitomycin-c is made within an hour of application, it is impossible to know what concentration is actually being applied.  Mitosol solves this problem as it is reconstituted at the time of surgery.  As a result, you can consistently deliver the desired concentration of the drug to every patient, every time.