Mitosol® Reduces the Risk of MMC Exposure

The Mitosol Kit for Ophthalmic Use


Mitosol® reduces the risk of MMC exposure.

  • Mitosol® is FDA-approved MMC packaged with a CSTD and sponge tray designed to deliver MMC safely to the point of application during glaucoma surgery.

Mitomycin C is a NIOSH-recognized HD

  • MMC is cytotoxic, mutagenic, and carcinogenic with its hazards existing in all forms (as dry powder, in solution, and vapors from solution).
  • Exposure side effects can range from temporary rashes to lifelong complications.
  • Guidelines established by ASHP, NIOSH, U.S. Pharmacopeia, and others call for the use of Closed-System Transfer Devices (CSTDs) and personal protective equipment when handling HDs.

Download Mitosol® Containment Document

Containment is one of the five key benefits of Mitosol.  Pharmacist do not take the handling of mitomycin-c lightly.  The use of full PPE and handling of the drug under a laminar flow hood is standard practice.  The ophthalmic OR however is challenged with the unique delivery of MMC to the eye that results in exposure to this NIOSH recognized hazardous drug.  Mitosol solves these problems by implementing a patented closed system transfer device and sponge tray and as such reduces exposure to patients and staff.