10 Benefits of Choosing the Mitosol Kit
  1. Includes a sterile procedural kit to reconstitute mitomycin C (MMC) at the time of use.
  2. Extended 2-year shelf life.
  3. Turnkey system: preparation, use, delivery, and disposal.
  4. Room temperature storage – No refrigeration.
  5. Requires no light-shielding.
  6. Requires no advance prescription.
  7. Eliminates cancellations or rescheduling due to outdated or absent MMC.
  8. Pre-cut sponges speed preparation & eliminate scissor cut fragments.
  9. Reduces OR, staff, & physician downtime.
  10. Eliminates rushed preparation for last-minute cases.

Mitosol®: Ready-when-you-are convenience when handling MMC.

Containment Pic

Mitosol® is…

  • In compliance with federal & state laws, as well as multiple society guidelines.
  • The only FDA-approved formulation of ophthalmic MMC.
  • Packaged with a Closed-System Transfer Device (CSTD).
  • Approved by New Drug Application process & possesses an
    FDA-regulated IFU.
  • Does not require an advanced prescription due to FDA-approved status.

Mitosol® makes compliance simple.

Download Mitosol Convenience Document

Convenience is one of the five key benefits of Mitosol.  As a turnkey system from preparation, use, delivery, and disposal, Mitosol contains everything needed to safely deliver the desired concentration of mitomycin-c.  Because it is reconstituted at the time of surgery, Mitosol does not require refrigeration or light shielding and carries a 2-year shelf life meaning you never have to wonder if you have mitomycin-c available again.