Benefits FAQs

How does Mitosol deliver a consistent result?

Mitomycin-c begins degrading immediately upon reconstitution.  Because the Mitosol kit is reconstituted at the time surgery, the typical degradation associated with compound MMC is avoided and hence the ability to ensure the same concentration of drug across all patients.

How does Mitosol ensure sterility?

As an FDA approved drug, Mobius Therapeutics is required to adhere to the strict standards established by the FDA.  In addition, the leadership at Mobius has years of experience in sterile manufacturing of bulk products making us singularly unique in the sterile processing of mitomycin-c for ophthalmology.

Does Mitosol require refrigeration?

No, Mitosol requires no refrigeration.

What is the typical shelf life on compounded MMC?

The noted shelf life of MMC from compounders varies substantially however the average is about 2 weeks. All shelf life of compounded mitomycin-c assumes refrigeration and light shielding – something that is unnecessary with Mitosol®.

What is the shelf life of Mitosol?

Mitosol has a 2-year shelf life from the date of manufacture and does not require refrigeration and/or light shielding. Should your Mitosol expire before use, Mobius will replace at no charge.