Disposal FAQs

Can I put the Mitosol kit in the sharpie container?

Per disposal guidelines, chemotherapy drugs should be disposed of in approved yellow or black waste containers.  As such, it is never advised that Mitosol parts be disposed of in red sharps containers.

How do I dispose of Mitosol?

Do not disconnect the syringes from the sponge receptacle- the sponge receptacle with attached syringes is intended to remain intact for disposal. The used vial, the sponge receptacle with attached syringes and any other disposable items that have come in contact with Mitosol must be placed in a disposal bin designated for chemotherapy- usually they are yellow or black. (Your waste management provider will provide special bins for this purpose.) The yellow disposal bag provided in kit is intended for disposal at the surgical field and to transport the used items to the chemotherapy bin. The yellow bag is not a substitute for the chemotherapy bin!

Chemotherapy is incinerated at a much higher temperature than other OR trash or the red bins. The goal is to break down the components of the drug to keep it out of our water supply. Your facility could be fined heavily if chemotherapy waste is found in bins or bags not designated for chemotherapy.