General FAQs

What is Mitosol? Why is it used during a trabeculectomy?

Trabeculectomy is performed to treat glaucoma, a disease that causes blindness due to increased pressure on the optic nerve caused by compromised outflow of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye. A portion of the trabecular meshwork is removed by the surgeon to create a bypass drain for the aqueous humor. The surgeon cuts the conjunctiva and separates it from the sclera, then creates a scleral flap to access the trabecular meshwork underneath. Once the portion of the trabecular meshwork is removed, aqueous outflow is established. The aqueous collects in the space between the sclera and conjunctiva, creating a bleb, where it is reabsorbed by the body.

Over time, the sclera and the conjunctiva eventually “scar up” and the bleb is no longer functional.

Mitosol is Mitomycin C, an antimetabolite (chemotherapy agent) that destroys the fibroblasts that cause scarring of those tissues. The surgeon applies Mitosol between the sclera and conjunctiva to target the fibroblasts and prevent bleb failure.

What if I waste the kit or it expires?

No problem, Mobius has always and will continue to offer no charge replacements for any kits that either expire and/or are opened but not used on a patient.

What concentration is Mitosol?

The Mitosol kit contains 1 vial with 0.2mg of dry lyophilized mitomycin-c powder. When the entire contents of the 1mL syringe are injected into the vial, the resultant concentration is 0.02%.

What are you approved indications?

Mitosol® (mitomycin for solution) 0.2 mg/vial kit for Ophthalmic Use is an antimetabolite indicated as an adjunct to ab externo glaucoma surgery.

Are you contracted with any GPOs?

Yes, please contact your local representative to inquire.

Can I get Mitosol through my wholesaler?

Mitosol is available for order at list price through Cardinal Specialty Pharmacy.

Can I buy just one kit?

No, the FDA approved Mitosol as a box of 3 kits and hence we cannot dispense single kits.

How many kits come in a box?

3 individual use kits come in a box.

How do I place an order?

Ordering is easy, please see the Place an Order section of our website.  You can call, fax, email, or submit an order online.

How do I return a defective product?

While uncommon, should you receive a defective product, please contact your local representative or give us a call at 1-877-EYE-MITO.